Hello friends,

I want to announce the launch of my new podcast, ‘Faith at the Frontiers’, which tackles difficult questions like the ones I write about on this blog, but in the form of audio discussion rather than written monologue!

The podcast confronts the toughest challenges to the Christian faith in a hopeful way, by means of conversations with experts from a variety of perspectives. The first series is on refugees, asylum, and immigration. In the future we plan to discuss other controversial topics – always peaceably – such as climate change, racism, the problem of evil, religious pluralism, and many more.

You can access it from Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, Stitcher, RSS, or directly from Anchor where it is hosted. If you are the type who prefers listening to reading, or if you have spare time during a commute, then check it out!


This podcast is produced in collaboration with The Tablet.

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Barney is the lead editor for the site. A theology fellow at Oxford University, he also hosts a podcast called Faith at the Frontiers.