About Everyday Theology

Transforming our understanding of God & ourselves

The questions, problems, and anxieties of everyday life are not foreign to theology. Theology is meant to bring the light of Jesus into confusing and complicated situations, showing how God is involved in every area of our lives, not only things like worship and church, but also seemingly non-spiritual areas like food and relationships.

The goal of theology is to orient us to God who is the source of all meaning and truth. But when we are focused on God, we find that everything else becomes clearer as well.

I believe in Christianity,” writes C.S. Lewis, “as I believe the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” That is why another goal of theology is to shed light on every aspect of life, bringing a fresh perspective that can enable joyful action.

Theology can and should be an exciting adventure that transforms the way you see all of reality.